Rockford Bars & Restaurants

Marinades Pizza Bistro

109 Courtland St
Rockford, MI 49341

You might like pizza, but let us tell you, you have never had pizza like the pizza that is served up at Rockford's Marinades Pizza Bistro. You may have traveled the country, enjoying authentic New York style pizza, Chicago style pizza, and everything in between, but nothing is quite like the pizza at Marinades. They offer a classy, casual atmosphere that is located in the heart of downtown Rockford. They serve up innovative, chef created wood oven pizzas as well as fresh, crisp salads, expertly crafted gourmet sandwiches, and delicious seasonal desserts. In addition to that, you will love their full service bar where you can sit back and enjoy a Michigan craft beer or wine and enjoy your favorite sports team on the television. You can also take home a growler of craft beer or a specialty bottle of wine if you'd like to enjoy your meal and drinks at home.

Ramona's Table

17 Squires Street Square NE
Rockford, MI 49341

The folks at Ramona's Table pride themselves on serving meals that utilize only fresh, local produce as much as possible, creating a fantastic variety of delicious sandwiches, fresh wraps, crisp and amazing salads, various appetizers, filling entrees, and more. They feature some amazingly unique and delicious items as well as some great small plate offerings and a wonderful selection of beer and wines. They have a specific emphasis on keeping their menu local, and in doing so they offer only Michigan beers and local or sustainably farmed wines. The restaurant is extremely casual and welcome to everybody who wants to come through.

Fusion Dish

400 E Division St NE
Rockford, MI 49341

If you are looking for a place to pick up some amazing, fresh cuisine then you absolutely need to head to Rockford's Fusion Dish on East Division Street. They prepare amazing and authentic Asian dishes that feature the flavors of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean cuisines. They are happy to prepare each and every single one of their menu items completely from scratch every single day and they only use the most fresh possible ingredients. The atmosphere at Fusion Dish is absolutely unforgettable. You will always find yourself wanting to come back because of how enjoyable the overall experience is.

The Corner Bar

31 N Main St
Rockford, MI 49341

The Corner Bar is a beloved staple in the Rockford area. It has been around and serving up legendary chili dogs since 1935! They have some of the most amazing hot dogs you have ever tried, and if you eat 12 of them in a row you will be enshrined on their Hall of Fame alongside 5000 others. It is truly an honor to be featured there. In addition to great hot dogs, The Corner Bar also features hand battered onion rings, pickles, and mushrooms, hand made burgers, crisp entree salads, expertly crafted sandwiches, and plump burritos. They also feature 16 beers on tap with a great amount of local craft beers! This bar is a tradition in Rockford and you will love your experience there.

Jody's Restaurant

503 E Division St
Rockford, MI 49341

Jody's Restaurant might consider themselves to be "fast food" but that only makes the overall quality and experience of their establishment all the more impressive. Their food is all home cooked and every single person have a great, warm experience with the staff of Jody's Restaurant. One of the biggest reasons to head there is to enjoy their breakfasts with homemade jam, but you aren't living without trying one of their famous Jody Burgers! They are cooked to perfection every single time and they will leave your mouth watering every single time. You also absolutely need to try one of their cinnamon rolls for dessert!

The Dam Dogs

25 Squires Street Square NE
Rockford, MI 49341

You might be a fan of hot dogs, but you have never had hot dogs like the ones served up at The Dam Dogs! They have been Rockford's home of the all beef hot dog that you need a fork to eat since 2002! They make all of their hot dogs with premium, all beef hot dogs that have been placed into a steamed bun and piled on with always fresh toppings. They have a great variety of dogs which they name after local famous dams. You can also make your own completely unique hot dog. You will love every single aspect of The Dam Dogs, as well as their chips and cheese, their walking taco, and their great selection of cookies and soft drinks! You also should stop by to Custard by the Dam which is a great way to follow up a meal at The Dam Dogs.