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GR Party Bus is the place to go when you are looking for fun transportation to an event. We keep our prices competitive so you won't find a better place to go. The pricing for our rentals are tailored to each and every client. When you rent from us, you get unlimited stops and mileage, which most party bus companies don't allow. Another thing we do that others don't, is not hide an fees from you. When you call to make your reservation, you will be informed of all potential fees you might be charged. Once we give you a quote, that's the price you will pay. If you decide that you wish to keep the party bus past your rental time, you pay a smaller charge of your hourly rate every 15 minutes extra instead of a larger fee every hour that you don't pay for time you don't use the bus.

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There are also other factors that determine the price of a party bus. Like, the size of the vehicle you choose and the date and time you need service. There are certain times that a party bus may be more or less expensive. For instance, weekends are more expensive than weekdays and wedding season is higher priced. Because of these factors and our continuous efforts to keep our prices competitive and low, we do not publish our prices online. However, if you give us a call we can give you an accurate quote over the phone!

GR Party Bus will show you a night you'll never forget with our entirely loaded party buses with unbelievable audio systems, revolving illuminations, counter top bars, and stunning flat screen TVs, along with other facilities. Our party buses are exactly where the party is at all night long.

We are delighted to keep your group in safe hands throughout your rental, so just hang out and have a good time while you are with GR Party Bus and let us make it a night to remember.


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