Hudsonville Bars & Restaurants

Hudsonville Grille

4676 32nd Ave, Ste F
Hudsonville, MI 49426

Hudsonville Grille is an amazing restaurant that has a great number of choices such as breakfast meals that will help get your morning off on the right foot to their amazing, juicy Steakburgers, as well as their delicious Prime Rib dinners! They have been a locally owned and operated staple in the Hudsonville area since 2008 and since then they have established themselves as one of the most beloved restaurants around. You will be sure to love the service and the atmosphere at Hudsonville Grille. Your overall experience is sure to be absolutely spectacular.

White Flame Brewing Company

5234 36th St
Hudsonville, MI 49426

The folks at White Flame Brewing Company have a great passion for beers, that much is insanely obvious. They love trying new beers, discovering new flavors, and discussing amazing craft beer diversity with the residents of their wonderful community. They are a fantastic locally owned and operated brewery which began in their garage and became something huge. They don't take themselves very seriously, but they do take your experience very seriously. They put their heart and souls into the brews that they craft, and that much is very easy to see after just one visit to Hudsonville's White Flame Brewing Company.

Pike 51 Brewing Company

3768 Chicago Dr
Hudsonville, MI 49426

Locally owned and operated since inception, the owners are also the co owners of Hudsonville Winery. This fantastic brewery features 15 unique micro brews on tap at all times. In addition to amazing beers that you are sure to love, you will also be sure to absolutely love their meals as well. They have some great, American cuisine meals that you are sure to want to keep coming back for such as juicy, tender burgers, and fresh cut fries that you will simply die for. In addition to that, they are always a fantastically clean establishment that has a simply wonderful atmosphere. This is a great place that many residents of the Hudsonville area love to frequent.

Rainbow Grill

4225 32nd Ave
Hudsonville, MI 49426

The folks at Rainbow Grill go to great lengths to make sure that every single customer that walks through their doors feels valued, appreciated, and satisfied with their overall experience. And they do an absolutely amazing job of making this a reality. Each and every experience at Rainbow Grill is undoubtedly spectacular. The restaurant is always extremely organized and the service is always one hundred percent on point. You will be sure to get your food in a timely fashion, and then you will be blown away at how fantastic the meal is. If you are looking to enjoy a simply wonderful meal then you need to head to Hudsonville's own Rainbow Grill on 32nd Avenue.

Pizza Ranch

3492 Chicago Dr
Hudsonville, MI 49426

If you ask around to the residents of the Hudsonville area what their favorite place to grab a slice of pizza is then they will undoubtedly say "Pizza Ranch!" This is because Pizza Ranch is way better than all of those other franchises and corporations who go to great lengths to make sure that their pizzas are NOT fresh. The folks at Pizza Ranch simply love their customers and do whatever they can to make sure that every single person walks out of their establishment with a smile on their face. They feature a wonderful pizza buffet that you simply need to try. They feature a ton of different and unique pizzas, as well as dessert pizzas that you would be a fool to pass up!

Great Lakes Chinese Restaurant

6450 28th Ave, Ste I
Hudsonville, MI 49426

If you are looking for a place in the Hudsonville area to grab some great, authentic Chinese food then you need look no further than Hudsonville's own Great Lakes Chinese Restaurant. They have all of your favorite, traditional Chinese meals there such as orange chicken, General Tso's Chicken, shrimp fried rice, Triple Delight, and more. They also have all sorts of different, and amazing, Chef's Creations that you simply need to try. The service at Great Lakes Chinese Restaurant is always simply spectacular and they will be sure that every single customer who walks in will leave with a great big smile on their face.