Grandville Bars & Restaurants

Anna's House

3766 Potomac SW
Grandville, MI 49418

The folks at Anna's House have made it their goal to provide the community of Grandville with fantastic, all natural, fresh, local, and high quality ingredients in every single dish that they serve. They take great pride in their unique dishes, and they are consistently dedicated to meeting the dietary preferences and needs of the customers that they serve. Their menu includes gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian options to accommodate people who commit to those lifestyles. They also are happy to offer all natural, chemical free meats in all of their dishes to ensure that everything that you get out of their establishment is fresh and delicious every single time. Anna's House is always fresh and always amazing.

Grandvilla Restaurants

3594 Chicago Dr SW
Grandville, MI 49418

A staple in the Grandville area since the 30's, Grandvilla Restaurants is two restaurants in one! On the top floor is The Villa, a restaurant that specializes in home cooked and traditional American cuisine. The Dungeon is located on the lower level and specializes in delicious Mexican food such as their signature wet burrito or their amazing enchiladas. You simply must try their famous Fried Ice Cream. They feature television sets in just about every direction, making it a fantastic place to catch a sports game. Whether you want to head there to enjoy a Karaoke night, or play an arcade game, The Dungeon is always fun. The Grandvilla Restaurants have proudly been family owned and operated for over 75 years! You can't beat that!


3540 Rivertown Point Ct SW
Grandville, MI 49418

Sakura is an absolutely amazing place in the Grandville area to grab some fantastic Asian fusion cuisine, sushi, or hibachi dining. Each and every thing on their menu is always fresh and delicious. You will be blown away by how fresh their sushi and sashimi are. Their chefs are always remarkably friendly and will interact with you, especially if you take a seat at their sushi bar. If you have never actually sat at the sushi bar before, you will be blown away by how different the experience is. Sometimes the sushi chefs will even slip you one of their unique rolls without charging you for it, but you didn't hear that from us! Sakura is a very personable and warm atmosphere that you will always have a great experience at.

Osgood Brewing

4051 Chicago Dr SW
Grandville, MI 49418

Osgood Brewing is a fantastic craft brewery that is all about creativity, style, diversity, quality, and flavor. They have a firm belief that there exists a beer for every single person. And it's hard to argue with that once you head to Osgood Brewing. Even the most staunch beer haters will find themselves closing their eyes in delight at a beer from Osgood Brewing. The folks there truly know how to probe the tastes of their clients and find the perfect brew for them. You will find yourself wanting to buy a flight to take home for yourself. You can't go wrong with one of their delicious, crispy pizzas either! Everything at Osgood Brewing is delicious and fresh. You will not want to pass up on this Grandville staple!

Grillin Wings & More

4410 Chicago Dr
Grandville, MI 49418

A rather simple company name, but that way you know what to expect. And let us tell you, they get their meals exactly right! They are very passionate about the food that they make and it truly pays off. They have amazing ribs, wings, and pig wings that you can not help but enough. Their ribs are amazingly smoky and the house BBQ is amongst the best we have ever tried, and that is definitely saying something! The ribs are fall of the bone good every single time, and you haven't lived until you tried their home made cole slaw. The servers are always extremely attentive and friendly. You will never have a bad experience at Grillin Wings & More.

El Burrito Loco

4499 Ivanrest SW
Grandville, MI 49418

Sometimes you don't need to get too fancy with your meals. El Burrito Loco might specialize in Tex Mex, which typically has a negative connotation, but if you get it right, then you get it right. The folks at El Burrito Loco really get the whole Tex Mex thing right. They have a perfect blend of the Texan/American style of making Mexican meals and the authentic Mexican style itself. They clearly have a great passion for the meals that they are making and everything is always astoundingly fresh and delicious. They have all of your favorite Mexican favorites such as burritos, fajitas, tacos, and so on. And you can't pass up on their amazing drinks, especially their enormous margarita!