Grand Haven Bars & Restaurants

Righteous Cuisine

211 N 7th St
Grand Haven, 49417

Righteous Cuisine is one of the most delicious and fresh places to grab a bite to eat in all of the Grand Haven area. They are basically a fusion taco truck that has been permanently parked. It is a great fusion of all sorts of cuisines, with a primarily focus on Mexican style meals. If you look too quick you might think it is purely a Mexican food truck but you would be wrong. They have all sorts of amazing meals that you simply can not pass up. With amazing Tacos, Burritos, Shared Plates, Brisket, Soups and Salads, and delicious Blue Sky Soda, you will not regret your decision to enjoy a meal at Righteous Cuisine.

Morning Star Cafe

711 Washington Ave
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Morning Star Cafe on Washington Avenue is nothing short of amazing. Their service is always completely raising the bar for themselves and they will always treat each and every customer who walks through their doors with the utmost of respect. The atmosphere is also very homey. You will always feel happy when you walk through their doors and when you are leaving. The food is also consistently good every single time. With amazing breakfast quesadillas, and southwestern style meals you can not go wrong with a meal at Morning Star Cafe.

Pronto Pup

313 S Harbor Dr
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Pronto Pup is a beloved restaurant that specializes in amazingly delicious hot dogs that have been fried into a sort of corn dog, but it is not quite a corn dog since they do not use corn batter. They use something more similar to pancake batter. And you will not believe how savory, sweet, and crispy these meat sticks are! You will find yourself completely addicted to them in the best way possible. If you are in the Grand Haven area and are looking for a delicious place to grab a quick, delicious snack, then Pronto Pup might be the perfect place for you.

Stacks Chicago Style Eats

1050 Jackson
Grand Haven, MI 49417

The great city of Chicago might be quite a hop, skip, and a jump away from Grand Haven, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some of the great eats that are inherent in that busy and amazing city. With Stacks Chicago Style Eats being located in the heart of Grand Haven, the owners of this fine establishment have brought a unique and authentic Chicago eatery to the community! With amazing, authentic Chicago style dogs and the best Italian beef Sandwiches this side of the Michigan-Illinois line, you will delight in your experience at this family owned and operated establishment.

Odd Side Ales

41 Washington Ave
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Odd Side Ales is a staple in the Grand Haven area and is known around the state for how absolutely amazing their beers are. They are one of the fastest growing breweries in the state of Michigan, and they were born out of an old piano facotry located in downtown Grand Haven. They first opened up their doors in March of 2010 and since they opened they have always strived to create a great variety of unique and complex beers, each complete with their own unique flavors. They will be sure to always surprise and delight you. They always have something that is just a little bit different, but always amazing.

Elegance of the Seasons

216 Washington Ave
Grand Haven, MI 49417

A wonderful farm to table lunch cafe and bakery located in the heart of downtown Grand Haven, the folks at Elegance of the Seasons go to great lengths to provide their customers with the most fresh and delicious local ingredients that they can possibly get. Most of their produce is sourced from local farmers within a 30 mile radius of them, and all of their meats and most of their dairy comes from Michigan farmers alone. You will love their changing, seasonal lunch menu which includes soups, salads, pastries, and sandwiches. Their bakery offers a wide selection of amazing homemade sweets crafted from old family recipes such as cookies, muffins, scones, pies, and so on. They are famous for their Rhubarb Pie!