Bachelor Parties

As seen in movies, bachelor parties can get really crazy. It's the last time a guy can go out and party while he's still single. The guys best friends will plan the whole night to be eventful. There will be lots of drinking, bar hopping, and maybe even strippers. It could possibly the most the guy has ever partied before. In order to allow everyone to be able to party and not have to worry about having a designated driver, get a party bus. Our chauffeurs will ensure that you will get to where you need to be safely. They also know some hot spots if you need some suggestions. With all the modern features within the bus, the pleasure never ends.

With a night so packed with fun, don't wait to make your reservation. We book fast during the wedding season and you don't want to be stuck without a party bus. Did we mention some of our buses have a stripper pole in them?