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Can you explain to me what a party bus is?

A party bus contains the fun of a party or club within a vehicle that is a mix of a regular limo in terms of its length along with the height and space of a bus.

What is the inside of party bus like?

A party bus is like a club on wheels. It's a moving party. With the flat screen televisions, the sound system, and the wet bars, those are only a few of the fun features of our party buses. View the Vehicles page to see the detailed listing of features of each bus.

Are any discounts offered?

There are discounts and differences in prices based on the season and other variables. Please call us today and speak to one of our agents for more details.

Can you drink on the bus?

If everyone is over 21 years old, you can drink. If there are those who are under 21 years old, there cannot be any alcohol. GR Party Bus doesn't supply alcohol but you can bring some.

Should we bring our own drinks?

Yes. We will not supply alcoholic drinks.

Can you smoke on the bus?

Unfortunately, no, there is no smoking on the buses. We like our buses to be fresh and clean for all customers. You have unlimited number of stops so you can take a smoke break when needed.

Can I bring some food on board?

Sure, but don't make a mess. Any cleaning needed to be done will result in a clean up fee.

Can you cancel your reservation?

Due to the nature of our business, you cannot cancel once you have booked your reservation. You will be required to pay the amount you owe whether you use the service or not.

Can children go on the buses?

Yes, children can go on the buses but if there are those under 21 years old, there cannot be any alcohol. We are great for Homecomings and Proms, one less worry about your kids driving.

Can I see the insurance paperwork?

Of Course! If you would wish to see our insurance and/or state paperwork, just ask and we would provide you with a copy.

Are there bathrooms on the buses?

There are no bathrooms on our buses. With unlimited stops, you can take a bathroom break when needed.

What are your office hours?

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the week. You can call or email at any time. We are available to you when you have the time.

Are there any hidden fees you don't tell us about?

We pride in the fact that we don't hide anything from you and don't charge secrets fees. When you make your reservation, you are informed of all potential charges you may come across.

Should we tip the driver?

A minimum tip is already included in the hourly rate and you are not required to tip the driver but if you would like to still tip the driver, then it would be most appreciated.

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